Passover Unveiled – 3 Jewish Professors share how Jesus transformed their view of Passover 🌴✞🇮🇱 video by ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry

video intro:

Dr. Erez Soref, Dr Golan Broshi, and Dr. Seth Postell look from a Messianic Jewish perspective at the Passover tradition celebrated for generations, uncovering the roots of different elements of the seder meal. Even though Exodus 12 gives us the basics of unleavened bread, lamb and bitter herbs, the first historical account of the ceremony as we know it today is shockingly found in the New Testament Gospels! Join us as we examine groundbreaking studies of the ancient traditions, and learn how the narrative of this traditional meal has implications to our past present and future!

Watch how faith in Yeshua
opened their eyes to the Passover!

Watch excerpt and the full film
via Youtube or One For Israel website.

Click pic to watch excerpt via Youtube.
Click pic to watch full film via One For Israel website.

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