Resurrection Sunrise Service 2022 | Real Life with Jack Hibbs

Come and rejoice with us
Resurrection Sunday morning
as we celebrate our risen Savior,
His love, sacrifice, resurrection,
and gift of salvation!

Real Life with Jack Hibbs

my Notes:

1. Suddenly their grief was being challenged.
2. Suddenly a collision was taking place.
3. Suddenly they became awestruck.
4. Suddenly they remembered what He had said.
5. Suddenly they are seeing Him for the first time.
6. Suddenly they came to the realization.
7. Suddenly they had an unstoppable hope.
8. Suddenly they were motivated.
9. Suddenly they came to life.
10. Suddenly they had a message to share.

Stalin is dead. 
Muhammad is dead. 
Buddha is dead. 
Jesus is alive… He LIVES !!! 
Our only hope is Jesus Christ.

Resurrection Sunrise Service 2022 | Jack Hibbs
Click pic to view via rumble.

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