Karma vs. Grace at Christmas … every day!

Thanks to Jesus…
I choose grace!

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bono grace karma

I hear a lot of people who profess Christianity talking about karma. Well, more specifically, I see many of my facebook friends who post how people who mess them over are gonna get what karma’s dishing out.

It’s funny how people always want karma for others but never for themselves. Just my opinion.

I prefer grace. Period.

I know where I’d be if I got karma. Majorly screwed.

Besides, Jesus didn’t come to give karma. Jesus came to give grace, which in my mind is infinitely better.

Karma says you get what you deserve. Grace says Jesus got and paid for what you deserve. That’s the difference.

Karma is all about what you deserve. Grace is what you don’t deserve but get anyway. Karma may be getting your just desserts, but grace is more like a feast– much more satisfying and filling.

Karma says that it’s up to you. Grace…

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3 thoughts on “Karma vs. Grace at Christmas … every day!

    1. Great t-shirt idea! … btw… I always want to say how inspiring and filled with godly wisdom your posts are! GOD BLESS you too, in all that you do! 😇🎶✝️🙏💜 Jackie@HwH

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