The Final Countdown – Tribulation Rising! | LIVE with Tom Hughes & Billy Crone | HopeForOurTimes


Where do you see things going? 
Well, honestly, you really don’t have to guess. 
God tells you where it’s headed 
… this planet is headed towards an event 
… aka Daniel’s 70th week 
… aka the seven year tribulation 
… not just the disasters 
… something is going to rise on the planet 
God specifically says there’s going to be 
… a one world government 
… a one world religion 
… a one world economy 
… cashless society mark of the beast system 
That is what’s being put into play, right now!
So if you want to know what’s going on,
then you need to know the Scripture and what God says. 

It’s been going on for decades. 
People need to get their head out of the sand. 
God told us: 
… these guys are going to be satanically inspired 
… and they’re going to have a satanic-evil-murderous agenda to conquer the planet 
… this world will be split up into 10 economic kingdoms (Revelation 17)
… then for a time, they’ll give it to the Antichrist 
… which we’re seeing come together 
… which again, you shouldn’t be surprised 
… if you’ve got your head out of the sand 

Read the Bible. 
And if you pay attention to the 2030 Agenda,
they tell you in advance exactly what they’re going to do: 
… suddenly it’s a big “ah HA! moment” 
… oh thAt’s why Biden’s not just a dumb dumb 
… they’re doing it on purpose 
… oh thAt’s why Trudeau and all these guys keep getting re-elected
… even though they’re the most hated people ever
… because the fix is in 
… because they’re puppets of the WEF 
… and on, and on, and on it goes! 

It’s concerning what these guys are openly doing. 
But the Good News is that if you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour: 
… we’re not the losers 
… nobody has a brighter future than the Church [aka Born Again Believers] 
… this all is a wonderful reminder from God proving that His Word is true! 
… we can bank on it when He says we’re saved forevermore 
… and escape Hell 
… including hell on earth 
… aka the 7 year Tribulation 

HE tells us these things in advance 
… not to freak us out 
… but to encourage us 
… because we can’t be date setters 
… but as weird and freaky and eclectic as it is 
… our departure is getting close! 
So look up… woohoo! 
We’re going to Heaven!!! 
Then we come back
… at the end of this 7-year Tribulation 
… and we get to rule with King Jesus Christ in the Millennium Kingdom 
After that, we get to be part of the New Heavens and New Earth. 
… no more sin 
… no more mourning 
… no more crying 
… no more death 
… forever and ever and ever 

God is saying: 
… hey, get ready! 
… it’s coming! 
… the future that My Son won for you ✝️
… I love you! 
… I’m coming back for you!
… chin up! 
… and get busy sharing the Gospel 😇🎺☝️✝️🙌🎶💜
Trust your eternal soul to Jesus Christ today!

The Final Countdown - Tribulation Rising! | LIVE with Tom Hughes & Billy Crone
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3 thoughts on “The Final Countdown – Tribulation Rising! | LIVE with Tom Hughes & Billy Crone | HopeForOurTimes

    1. Truly, darkness of biblical proportions is rising fast! But by God’s grace, we have ears to hear the truth. And HE has provided us with these bold/insightful/biblically sound pastors to help us be spiritually prepared instead of scared! 😅🙏✝️👂🏻💜 Jackie@HwH

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