The Great Unmasking: Globalism’s finest hour is upon us | Leo Hohmann

Just(inT) because you can…
doesn’t mean your militarized goons should!!! 🇨🇦✝️🙏

“What we are seeing is the great unmasking of the global beast system.
It is being revealed in all its brutality right before our eyes.”Leo Hohmann

What you are seeing transpire in Canada is tragic, sad and infuriating.

We’ve seen an elderly woman on a walker being trampled by cops on horseback (see video below).

We’ve seen peaceful protesters arrested. We’ve seen citizen journalists doing nothing but recording what’s happening being beaten like animals.

As I write this, I’m watching a livestream in which a female journalist from Rebel News is writhing on the ground in pain after she was clubbed on the head with batons and shot in the leg with a teargas cannister.

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