“Plastic Christmas” video by IgniterMedia

video transcript:

Hi… I’m Ryan
and I love Christmas! 
< I endure Christmas > 

To me, Christmas is 
about the birth of Christ. 
< about presents > 

December can be so 
busy and stressful.
It’s nice to end the month 
with a special day. 
< day off > 

Sure, we do the Santa stuff.
… It’s fun. 
… Our kids love it. 
But it’s not all we do. 
< It’s all we do > 

We find time to tell others about 
… our Lord, 
< our tree > 
… what He did, 
< where we got it > 
… what His sacrifice cost. 
< how much it cost us > 

The night before Christmas, 
we read the story of 
the birth of Jesus. 
< The Night Before Christmas > 

When my kids go to bed, 
they’re thinking about 
how good He is. 
< reindeer > 

Christmas day is so amazing! 
< so crazy > 

I can barely wait for it to get here! 
< to be over > 

I love giving presents. 
< getting presents > 

I really love 
spending time with 
< escaping > 
my extended family. 

At some point during the day, 
it’s good to slow down
and remember who Christ is. 
< …but I never do… > 

And you know, 
I hope this Christmas 
I can just take time to reflect. 
< relax > 

Either way, 
I know what this day is really about 
… because my Christmas is real.
< plastic > 

Plastic Christmas | Igniter Media video

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