Forget about Biden, Trudeau, Macron and the rest of the WEF’s puppet politicians: It’s the system that must be broken | Leo Hohmann

“… hating Biden is kind of like hating the cashier at your local big box store because you don’t like the store’s return policy.
[ … ] the globalists are masters at manipulating public opinion through a roster of puppet politicians who are largely hated by their own national populations. Men like Biden, Trudeau in Canada, Mario Draghi in Italy, Emmanuel Macron in France, Mark Rutte in the Netherlands, Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand, they are all puppets of the World Economic Forum, which serves as puppet master. The strength of the globalist system right now is that it really has no human face to which its opponents can rally against. It has national puppets, but this is a global system with no visible global leader, at least not yet.
[ … ] Listen to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking to his citizenry like they are children in the below video… make sure you’re “up to date on your shots,” he scolds them, or we will have to lock you down again!
[ … ] So don’t get too distracted by Biden’s latest infuriating speech or Trudeau’s inflammatory arrogance. That’s just meant to take your eyes off the real enemy.
[ … ] Jesus said that in the last days it will be “like the days of Noah,” where the dominant culture focuses on nothing but evil continuously. And those devout Christians who identify and rebuke the wicked ones will themselves be labeled as evil. This will call for spiritual strength of endurance like we’ve never needed before. It’s time to get serious. Let’s not let any buffoonish politician distract us with bizarre rhetoric, hateful imagery or anything else. It’s game time. We can’t afford to be distracted. We must be laser focused on resisting the globalist system at all of its many pressure points.” — Leo Hohmann

There has been so much written about Joe Biden’s September 1 “Soul of a Nation” speech that I have resisted the urge to weigh in.

In a nutshell, Biden declared all MAGA Republicans to be enemies of the state, and seemed to be nudging America in the direction of one-party rule, which is essentially what we already have. It’s called the “uniparty.”

My concern is that people’s attention is too focused on Biden and Trump and not enough on the sweeping global transformation that is going on, and speeches like the one Biden delivered September 1 are meant to keep us distracted and diverted.

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