Protecting the Pandemic from the People: Perpetual Panic, Permanent Emergency by Maximilian C. Forte—Dec 26, 2021 | Zero Anthropology

It was supposed to be
a fight against the pandemic
to protect the people.

… It became
a fight against the people
to protect the pandemic.


“… 2022 will be the year of the Drug Lords — Pfizer, Merck, Moderna, et al, paid for by you and me.”

“… there are many other factors at work as well. There are certainly “go along to get along” types in the medical profession, as in any other. Some (perhaps nearly all_) doctors will be doctrinal adherents to the principle of vaccination to begin with, and from many accumulated personal experiences we know of doctors who think of their role as one of reciting statistics and doling out drugs–for every disease, there must be a drug, and people must take them. Do you feel fine? No matter: get all these tests done, because for your age group there is a 33% chance of X, and 74% chance of increased Y…so until we find that there is a problem, you may actually not be well at all, so we need to keep testing. Then, if there is a problem, we will prescribe daily doses of A, B, and C, along with nightly doses of E, F, and G. Others will be influenced by politics, at least in part, especially when the issue of vaccination has been converted into a weapon of partisan politics. Fear of the disease is also a motivation. Control over scientific information will alter assessments. And funding actually is an issue: many of the research centres in universities and hospitals, as well as individual medical researchers are often in receipt of substantial funds from pharmaceutical companies as well as the NGOs that act as lobbyists for Big Pharma, and as advocates of vaccination programs in particular. Some of the top university-based medical experts repeatedly interviewed in Canadian media, are directly funded by Pfizer. What Bourdieu described and analyzed in Homo Academicus is also relevant, where academic capital and academic power are concerned. Once one understands how “scientific consensus” is actually constructed in the real world, affirmations of the existence of “consensus” are far from reassuring, and ought to cause people to worry…”

“It is truly astounding to see the mental gymnastics needed to maintain belief and faith in the narratives driven by government and media. [ … ] The problem with many people who believe in these narratives, is they also seem to believe COMPLETELY that they have the morale high ground on this issue. They are the good guys, and anyone trying to get in the way of any and every mandate it takes to get through this pandemic is the bad guy. They whittle massively complex problems down to bite sized talking points they can wrap their mind around e.g. They care about society, their families, their neighbours so much they are willing to adhere to these lockdowns. They also conveniently ignore all the nuanced ways these lockdowns cause far more damage then they prevent. Even thinking about that puts them at risk of becoming one of the bad guys.”

— The Vaccine Gold Rush: Mining a Renewable Resource
— Permanently Needy, Permanently Secure, Formerly Human
— Megalomania: Manufacturing Fear, Selling Disease
— ATOMICRON: A 100 Megaton Payload of Lies
— A Merry Bloody Christmas
— Queuing Up for Nuremberg 2.0: The Toronto Star
— Conclusion: The Utility of Fear


There are some suggestions that the Omicron variant could well end “the pandemic”. And that is a problem.It is a problem on two fronts. First, a variant that not only defeats the “vaccines,” but that also reduces the pandemic to a minor endemic phenomenon, is not one that can be exploited to generate profits for a transnational pharmaceutical giant like Pfizer, which has effectively captured the Canadian market and enjoys a near monopoly, plus a free sales-force (consisting of politicians, civil servants, academics, journalists, and many others). Second, any scaling down of illness removes the thin cover used by the state to centralize and maximize political power, under the pretext of an endless “state of emergency”.

First,what do we know about Omicron?Medical authoritiesin South Africa have alreadyexplained, andemphasized repeatedly, that the virus is following itsnormal course of evolutiontowards a…

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4 thoughts on “Protecting the Pandemic from the People: Perpetual Panic, Permanent Emergency by Maximilian C. Forte—Dec 26, 2021 | Zero Anthropology

    1. Thanks for visiting/commenting, Priti 🤗 I’d like to think normal is coming back. But with each passing day, I believe it’s looking more like End Times Bible Prophecy unfolding before our eyes. 👂🏻💜 Jackie@HwH


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