Hundreds of TV, radio and newspaper outlets profited from Biden’s $1 billion vaccine propaganda campaign  | Leo Hohmann

“Now, those same guilty parties in the media have taken a hard pivot away from Covid hysteria toward nonstop Russia-Ukraine war coverage. That’s no coincidence. [ … ] The same folks who lied to you about Covid and Covid “vaccines” are now instructing you on how to think about the war in Europe. How’s that make you feel?” — Leo Hohmann is 100 percent reader supported and does not accept any advertising money from any corporate or government entities. If you would like to help us stay online and grow, please consider a donation of any size. You may send c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.

Media ‘could be accessories to murder’

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has revealed that it spent more than $1 billion in taxpayer dollars to buy advertising promoting the Covid vaccines from news outlets nationwide — the same media outlets which then provided favorable “news” coverage about the injections.

Among those who accepted the government cash were ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and Newsmax.

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