🔴 LIVE REACTION: Trudeau revokes the Emergencies Act | Ezra Levant and Sheila Gunn Reid – Rebel News

Ezra Levant and Sheila Gunn Reid share their reactions following
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement that the
federal government would be withdrawing the Emergencies Act.


“I’m kind of surprised, but not really to 
hear the news that Justin Trudeau [ … ] 
decided to rescind the Emergencies Act.
Some people may think it’s a good thing, but I think it sets the standard, now. 
… for how often this thing is going to get invoked going forward 
… every time someone speaks out against Justin Trudeau.” 

“I was asked, the other day, 
… if the protest would make a difference to Trudeau 
… if he would blink. 
And I said, no it won’t because 
… he’s a sociopath 
… doesn’t care about political reaction
… doesn’t care about media reaction 
… just cares about hanging onto power 
… and can he do what needs to be done 
So I said the thing to watch was not if his face showed any doubt 
… he really is a sociopath 
… he’s the kind of guy who wears blackface so many times he loses track, yet calls YOU racist. 
… he sexually assaulted Rose Knight (press), yet calls YOU misogynist
… he just clamped-down on civil liberties the most in Canadian history, yet calls YOU a nazi 
Such a man is not normal 
… he doesn’t have normal emotions 
… he has deep mental ‘sociopathy’ 
But he still lives in reality. 
And you can see a little bit of weakness when Anthony __ and 2 other MP’s from the Liberal Party in Quebec said [they] don’t like how [he’s] crushing dissent or talking about truckers. You can see some weakness. 

That’s when he played the Emergencies Act card. 
And he looked so confident because a sociopath 
… never explains 
… never apologizes 
… never blinks 
Then suddenly, it all came tumbling down.

So sOmething must have been happening behind the scenes. 
… whether it was shocking opinion poles 
… whether it was all of a sudden the realization that perhaps the Senate was not going to rubber-stamp this the way Trudeau had thought it would 
… maybe there was some move by the USA banking industry to say, 
‘the way you’re seizing bank accounts is not something that we can accept under the Canada/USA free trade agreement. It’s certainly not something we can accept into our banks. If you don’t stop this, we will do something atrocious to your banking system—and don’t think we won’t.’ 

There may be hidden things we don’t know about. 
We KNOW that certain Liberal senators, including a former judge, said this is legally unacceptable. 
The stupidest Liberals/senators/people in the country (aka MSM) went along with it. 
… the most aggressive cheerleaders for marshal law. 

But something broke… We don’t know yet what that is [ … ] but JT blinked. 
This has to be taken as another WIN for the truckers.” 

Ezra Levant and Sheila Gunn Reid—Rebel News

🔴 LIVE REACTION: Trudeau revokes the Emergencies Act | Ezra Levant and Sheila Gunn Reid - Rebel News
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