Trudeau pays the price for vilifying Canadian truckers and protesters | James Morrow – Busting The Narrative


“It’s a protest unlike anything we’ve seen anywhere
in the world because it’s been just about entirely
peaceful. Yet, it is also being entirely demonized.
Canada’s “village people prime minister” has gone
into hiding—purportedly with covid, but for far
longer than the official isolation period [meanwhile]
Canada’s great and good have come out to trash
the protesters. But are the protesters winning?

In Alberta, a vaccination passport system expires
tonight [midnight Tues, Feb 8] after the provincial
premier [Jason Kenney] said it was time to, quote,
“move on from a widespread pandemic response
and to get our lives back to normal” …

[HA! yeah, right… nothing to see here, folks 🤥
… just Kenney suddenly lifting covid regulations
coincidentally on the same day Calgary police
arrested Pastor Artur again … for the 5th time!!!
… at his home … hours prior to him speaking at

the Alberta/Montana Coutts border crossing
trucker’s freedom protest!] 

Yet mainstream media remains strangely less
interested in the fraternalism and achievements
of the protesters. But what else do we expect? 
This is the same media:
… that told us that Trump was a Russian agent 
… that told us Hunter Biden was not a world-class
crackhead [but] was instead an oil and gas expert
worth 10s x 1000s of $/mo to Ukrainian energy firm 
… that told us Jussie Smollett was a victim 
… that Brett Kavanaugh was a rapist 
… that tells female athletes who were born and
went through puberty as males have no advantage
over their competitors … and on and on!

Almost as a matter of course, one has to have
sympathy with the truckers. Not just because they
stand for freedom… But because, well, the people
heaping so much condemnation on them have been
proven to be liars—time and time again!” 

— Busting the Narrative with James Morrow

Trudeau pays the price for vilifying Canadian truckers and protesters | James Morrow

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