Trudeau is recoiling ‘in revulsion and horror’ at the Freedom Convoy truckers | Sky News Australia

—Tucker Carlson speaking:

“Watch what happens when actual workers,
working people from working families who
constitute the working class, actually come
together as a group to protest how things
are going. What happens then? 

Does the intellectual class:
… greet these workers as heroes? 
… throw a parade? 
… listen intently to their stories? 
Does NPR do a sympathetic feature on them? 
Or do self-described progressives recoil in 
revulsion and horror at the grubbiness of the
people who, as we used to say, work for a living? 
Do liberals immediately denounce them as
nazis and call for their suppression by force? 

That’s the question. 
What’s the answer? 
We’ll ask Trump voters what happens…
They’ll know! 

Or consider what’s happening right now in Canada. 
Thousands of truck drivers have descended
on Ottawa, the capital city, to protest the tyranny
of Justin Trudeau’s government. 
… Justin Trudeau does not like truck drivers. 
… he thinks they’re revolting. 
… Justin Trudeau likes private equity barons and
tech moguls and other people who give him money.

Trudeau is not in Ottawa, right now. In fact, he and
his family FLED when the truck drivers arrived. 
And they’ve been in HIDING ever since. 

So when the revolution he has been calling for
finally arrived, Justin Trudeau wasn’t there to see it
… he ran away in terror… Kind of sad! 

Sky News Australia

Trudeau is recoiling 'in revulsion and horror' at the Freedom Convoy truckers | Sky News Australia

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