Oh, Canada! 🇨🇦 Dr. Jordan B. Peterson speaks out on the Canadian trucker protest with Dr. Julie Ponesse

“Oh Canada” video recorded February 5th, 2022.
Article with related videos by BeforeItsNews
Oh, Canada! The Power of a Grassroot Protest – Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Speaks Out on the Canadian Trucker Protest With Dr. Julie Ponesse (Videos)


Dr. Jordan B Peterson —
“People are afraid and the politicians should be coming out and saying “we got this”. There’s always things to be afraid of, but that isn’t what’s happened. I really have no idea how this is going to go. I think what will happen is that a few provinces will carefully test the public opinion waters. 
[ … ] And if that happens, maybe there’s a pathway forward. But our prime minister could easily double down because he’s a teenager—he’s a teenage actor, fundamentally. The fact that he ran away at the beginning of this and then lied about WHY in two ways—security concerns and exposure to covid… It’s a little convenient, I would say! And really, did you need TWO lies to justify it? Wasn’t one enough? Apparently not! And the fact that he ran away at all is just so jaw-droppingly stunning, to me.” 

Dr. Julie Ponesse —
“But why don’t people look at that?
Look at that fear and cowardice and
call it out for what it is! … Why?
Are they afraid of not having a leader?” 

Dr. Jordan B Peterson —
“I think it’s easier for them to believe that the truckers are dangerous—like confederate rebel dangerous, whatever the hell that means in Canada—nazi dangerous?!? This whole nazi thing is just beyond comprehension! Canada doesn’t have a radical right wing! I think it’s easier for people to believe that the truckers are “January 6th level insurrectionists” than it is for them to believe that they have a leader who is THAT immature and cowardly. Because think about it… both of those are nasty pills to swallow. But if you’re a middle-of-the-road Canadian and you’ve had an implicit belief in the stability of your political institutions—which is reasonable because they’ve been incredibly stable. [And] you believe in the general goodness of your leaders, which has also been a valid presumption. And now you’re forced to swallow this pill which is:
… now things are SO BAD that your leader,
who’s a teenage actor, LITERALLY ran away
in the face of some political opposition
… OR these people can’t be trusted.
Well obviously, it’s much easier to believe that the truckers can’t be trusted.
And then that’s played up, of course, in the media. It’s like: 
… what about the swastikas? 
… and what about the confederate flag? 
People also still trust CTV… They still trust CBC… Especially older people. And it’s no wonder they do because once you could. And they’re not up on the technological revolution. And so, people are being asked to abandon faith, in some sense, in political establishments and political leadership OR demonize the truckers. Well it’s not surprising they pick the latter.” 

Jordan B Peterson

Oh, Canada! 🇨🇦 Dr. Jordan B. Peterson speaks out on the Canadian trucker protest with Dr. Julie Ponesse
Click pic to watch via Rumble

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