DESPERATE Hypocrite Trudeau Throws the Sink at Trucker Protestors | FOTM | Huckabee

“The only way Trudeau is making Canada more
inclusive is that he’s bringing so many people
together to support the truckers and reject his
vacuous woke nonsense.

And it’s not just in Canada:
freedom is breaking out all over as public
backlash has grown against harsh COVID
restrictions that have done little or nothing
to reduce COVID deaths.

“Watching Trudeau spew all those empty “isms”
and seeing that they no longer intimidate people
into silence is one of the best pieces of news
that Western civilization has seen in years.
If for nothing else, those Canadian truckers have
earned a big salute from everyone who cares
about freedom of thought and speech, limited
government and the rights of the individual.”

“Trudeau Fail” video transcript article
by Mike Huckabee

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