the preacher says… Barry Stagner: The Greatest Story Never Told


The real Christmas story is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. 
All the way back to the book of Genesis, it’s the greatest story never told today.  
… the Word of God becoming flesh 
… and dwelt among us 
… born of a virgin in Bethlehem 
… through Jews 
… prophesied by God 

And the second element of the greatest story being ignored in our day is that
the Christmas story records the resolution of man’s greatest need. 

Contrary to what many people think today
man’s greatest need is:
… not food
… not water
… not clothing
… not money 
… not even world peace 
… not a mask, or a jab 
What people need more than anything else is to be reconciled to God. 

Jesus would say, as He walked this earth in Matthew 16:26, 
‘What prophet is it if a man gains the whole world, but loses his soul? 
Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?’ 

Being estranged from God due to sin,
we need to remember that reconciliation with God cannot be bought.
… it can’t be earned. 
… it can only be given. 
… and it must be received.

Christmas is about Jesus. 
… why care whether or not He was born on December 25th. 

What’s important is: 
… that He was born 
… and that He did die 
… and that He did resurrect 
… and that He did ascend 
… and that He did promise to come again 
… and He is coming again 
… and He’s coming to get us 
… and we’re going to meet Him in the air 
… and we’re going to put on glorified bodies instantaneously 
… forever immortally incorruptible in those bodies—bodies that will never ever die 

That’s good stuff! 
You know what it is? 
It’s a Christmas story. 
It’s what it’s all about! 
God’s plan to redeem mankind. 

“For what is a man profited, 
if he shall gain the whole world, 
and lose his own soul? 
or what shall a man give 
in exchange for his soul?”
— Matthew 16:26 KJV
Barry Stagner: The Greatest Story Never Told

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