“The Paradox Of Christmas” video by IgniterMedia

video transcript:

“2000 years ago, 
in the small town of Bethlehem… 
one silent night loudly proclaimed 
God’s love for the entire world. 

For our all-powerful God came to 
earth in the form of a helpless child. 
And ‘though many people had waited
for His coming… few actually noticed
this baby’s arrival. So much so,
that there was no room for Him that night
—In the world which He had made. 

But still… He came! 
He who was divine, became human. 
He traded-in His heavenly seat 
… for an earthly manger. 
He exchanged robes of splendour
… for swaddling clothes. 
He left the songs of a multitude of angels 
… for the praises of a few humble shepherds.

That night, 
‘though Jesus left His throne… 
He became our King! 
… a King who came not to be served, but to serve. 
… a King whose death would bring us life! 
… a King who’s single sacrifice would serve as the ransom for us all !!! 

So, if the paradox of Christmas that calls you to
respond—‘though there are presents still waiting
for you to receive… This season is truly about
the gift that you have already been given!” 

The Paradox Of Christmas | Igniter Media | Christmas Church Video

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