Here’s the Real Threat | Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes

“I’m reminded of the words of
Jeremiah the prophet… when he’s
confronting and calling out the truth
about Israel—Judah specifically.
And he’s warning them that
the Babylonians are going to come. 

God says to Jeremiah, 
“They’ve got sexual immorality, 
bad judges, bad politicians,
bad prophets, bad religious leaders,
bad priests… The whole thing is corrupt
and I’m not going to hear them anymore.” 

They were sacrificing babies… 
[so God said] He will not hear them. 

In Jeremiah chapter 7, 
he’s writing about Israel… 
calling them out for their sins 
and their need to repent.
[ … ] just like what’s happening today.”

— Tom Hughes

Jeremiah 11:14 KJV
“Therefore pray not thou for this people,
neither lift up a cry or prayer for them:
for I will not hear them in the time that
they cry unto me for their trouble.”

Here’s the Real Threat | Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes (video)
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