The REAL STORY of HANUKKAH!!! | James Kaddis • Olivier Melnick


James Kaddis:  
How (or should) the average christian celebrate Hanukkah and Jewish culture? 
Especially all that points to Yeshua the Messiah? 

Olivier Melnick: 
Get a hanukkiah, which is a 9-branch menorah. 
Then on every night of Hanukkah, light a candle. 
On the second night, light 2 candles, and so on. 

The prayers that we recite 
… blessed are you Lord God King of the universe 
who has made us holy with Your commandments
and committed us to kindle the hanukkah lights. 
The second [prayer] is 
… blessed be our Lord God King of the universe 
who performed miracles for our ancestors in long ago days. 

You can change the prayer
… to perform miracles for the Jewish people
… along with the day and the season
… and make it your own prayer.
You can change it a little bit,
… while recognizing the miracles of God
… and the preservation of the Jewish people. 

To celebrate Hanukkah, 
light the candles and tell the story. 
… the tallest/prominent candle is the servant
… Yeshua was a servant. 
… He died for us. 
… He came to serve. 
… and He came to bring light into the world. 

As we light the candles, we remember that we celebrate the preservation of the Jewish people.
And because of that preservation, [we celebrate] the birth of the Jewish Messiah who has become the Saviour of the world. 
… your Savior! 
… my Savior! 

James Kaddis | Calvary Chapel Signal Hill
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