the preacher says… “Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Around Them – WATCH THIS !!” #prayer | LionOfJudah


Jesus was prayerful. 
The Bible describes how Jesus prayed. 
Do you even know how powerful Jesus is? 
Do you know the kind of miracle Jesus did 2000 years ago? 
Do you know how the demons feared Him? 
The example Jesus set was prayer. 
Time and time again,
God tells us to pray—in His Word. 
And that’s what we should do. 
Even if you pray in your heart… 
God hears… God hears everything! 
All you have to do is pray! 
Just pray in any way you can. 
Never stop praying 😇🙏✝️🎶💜

an original narration recorded specifically for this video in the Lion of Judah studio
"Most People Don't Even Realize What's Around Them - WATCH THIS !!" video by Lion Of Judah
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